BMW as brand has been conspicuous recently for ignoring corporate average fuel economy regulations. They have paid hefty fines for not meeting requirements in most recent model years. Since BMW owns the MINI brand, they have decided to emphasize the efficiency of those cars as a revamped model goes on sale for the 2007 model year. The new Mini achieved up to 40 mpg in the EPA fuel economy tests. The Mini Cooper with a 6 speed manual transmission is rated at 32/40 city/highway while the turbocharged Cooper S is rated at 29/36 mpg. The 2007 models have all-new engines that have been co-developed along with PSA (parent of Peugot/Citroen). The new engines are all aluminum and include variable valve-timing and a volume-flow controlled oil pump that maintains optimum oil pressure for maximum efficiency. The BMW press release is after the jump.

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MINI Cooper with Manual Transmission Tops 40 Miles per Gallon
Woodcliff Lake, NJ - December 11th, 2006... In light of increasing fuel prices, many manufacturers are striving to produce vehicles with an average fuel economy of 30 miles per gallon. The fact that the all-new 2007 MINI Cooper achieves 40 miles per gallon according to the latest EPA testing should be welcomed by car buyers across the US. And that the MINI Cooper delivers this miserly fuel economy with no effect on its performance and driving capabilities is an added advantage.

MINI USA's growth in sales over the past 5 years to just over 170,000 cars and the overall growth trend of the small-car market demonstrates how the industry is responding to the need for increased efficiency. MINI is a prime example that buyers do not need to sacrifice performance, quality and fun when opting for a smaller, more efficient vehicle.

On average the new generation 2007 MINI hardtops realize an increase of 4 miles per gallon over their predecessors. The 2007 MINI Cooper with a 6-speed manual transmission achieves a fuel economy of 32/40 City/Highway with a combined average of 35 MPG. The same car with an automatic transmission offers preliminary values of 30/37 City/Highway MPG with a combined average of 33 MPG.

For the turbocharged 2007 MINI Cooper S with a 6-speed manual transmission the following EPA fuel economy values are 29/36 City/Highway with a combined MPG of 32 MPG. And for the MINI Cooper S with the 6-speed performance automatic transmission the preliminary values are 27/34 City/Highway with a combined average of 30 MPG.

As an important factor in improved fuel economy, the all-new 2007 MINI hardtops have a new family of lighter weight aluminum alloy engines that incorporate more efficient technology. Both in normally aspirated and turbocharged versions, the engines feature variable valve train technology. In addition, the engines feature a volume-flow controlled oil pump that delivers only the necessary oil needed at that give time. These are just some of the examples of how MINI has increased overall efficiencies.

"MINIs offer loads of fun style and substance but they also happen to offer a high level of fuel efficiency in a premium-small-car." said Rich Steinberg, manager of US product strategy. "With the all-new 2007 MINI hardtops we have been able to improve our fuel efficiency without compromising what makes MINI fun."

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