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Bad motor mount halts sale of Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia

While we applaud carmakers that can streamline the design and production process to bring new vehicles to market quicker, we don't like thinking that they're skimping on the important stuff in the process. First Ford made all kinds of hoopla over their interesting and capable Edge (and it's Lincoln doppelganger, the MKX) only to have it delayed by production line "hiccups." That model is seen as being so important to Ford's future that we lauded the company for taking its time to fix the problems before it released the product. Fortunately production resumed relatively quickly and the CUVs have been leaving the plant at a healthy clip.

Now we learn that GM is going through a similar "hiccup" with their new crossovers, the Saturn Outlook and GMC Acadia. Unfortunately, this problem has presented itself after some of the vehicles have already been delivered to dealers, who have been instructed to hold the CUVs on lots until a fix can be applied.

The problem has been traced to a situation where water freezes atop one of the engine mounts, which can result in NVH issues. With only around 550 of the crossovers in dealer lots dealerships, it's not a huge problem; but it's these little things that can weigh heavily on consumers' minds. Drilling a few drainage holes will alleviate the water pooling and take care of the problem. The fix can be made right at the dealer according to the report. Sales should resume in a matter of days.

[Source: Automotive News, sub req]

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