Mercedes four-door drop-top to debut in Detroit

We've been reporting on rumors of Mercedes' plan to lop the roof off an S-class and fit it with a ragtop for too long. Finally, it's been confirmed that M-B will be dropping the top of its four-door convertible at the Detroit auto show next month.

Based off the V12-powered S-class, the cabrio version will assuredly come equipped with a cloth roof, along with a pricy premium that would add an additional $10-15k to the sticker of the S600. Considering that a base S600 comes in at just over $140,000 (not including the gas guzzler tax), buyers will certainly appreciate the exclusivity that a cabrio Merc will afford them.

According to sources close to the project, production is highly likely.

[Source: Automotive News -– Sub. Req.]

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