During a meeting with Detroit-area dealers, Tom LaSorda, Chrysler group's CEO, expressed his displeasure with the current advertising route employed by the Detroit New York offices of BBDO.
He specifically singled out the ad where a stranded motorist enlists the help of a Nitro driver to jump his car. You've seen the rest, so we're not going to bore you with a description.

The one Nitro ad we would have pointed to is the "Planet" piece, where the SUV is dropped from a crane, falls through the ground, travels through the underworld accompanied by the happy, go-lucky sounds of a 70s-era lounge lizard and then pops out in China. Both ads are so lame, we didn't want to post them after the jump, but we did.

Jason Vines, the Chrysler group spokesman, has gone to BBDO and told the execs, in so many words, to do better. We'd hope so Jason, for both your good and ours.

[Source: Automotive News – Sub. Req.]

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