Cross country in a luxury RV on $47 of diesel and a lot french fry oil

Our cousins over at Engadget spotted a story on Slashdot about a family of five who made a cross-country trek from Seattle to Rhode Island in luxury motor home. The remarkable thing is that they did it while spending only $47 on diesel fuel. If you've ever gone on a trip in one of these monster machines, you know you'd have a hard time making it across town on $47 worth of diesel, much less across the country.
AutoblogGreen was naturally on the story a while back, but the gist is that the Adler family bought a used 1997 forty foot RV and with parts from Frybrid, he converted it run on waste vegetable oil. The conversion kit includes new fuel tanks and filtration equipment so that they could fill the machine at any restaurant and drive away. The family set off on what was supposed to be a three week trip that ultimately took almost three months. Click Read to go over to their site and read the whole sordid tale of their adventure in fry cruising.

[Source: Engadget]

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