Aston Martin sale imminent

More developments are underway as to what marque within Ford's Premier Auto Group (PAG) will be unloaded and to whom. The recent news is that more than 30 would-be investors began a bidding war for Aston Martin recently and when the dust settled, four were left standing.

Some of the investors knocked out during the process include Aston Martin CEO, Dr. Ulrich Bez, who partnered with other investors hailing from Asia. Dr. Bez and his friends were escorted out of the building along with the European business duo of Bernard Arnault and Albert Frere.

Of the four left standing, three have yet to disclose their identity publicly. The one that has been confirmed is Simon Halabi, who was born in Syria and has supposedly thrown over $1 billion into the ring.

With this much activity transpiring, we'd expect a sale to take place soon. Exactly when is another question.

[Source: Market Watch via Jalopnik]

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