Lutz won't send the minivan to the morgue

The General's man with the product plan, Bob Lutz, sought to address the rumblings of many in the media about GM's dropping of their minivan lineup for good. In no uncertain terms, Vice Chairman Lutz wanted to make it clear that minivans are not off the table in the future and that GM will make products that consumers want, when the market demands it. For the time being however, minivans have been out of vogue for some time and SUVs have naturally filled that void.

Lutz also commented on GM's FastLane blog about their trifecta of crossovers and how they shall never be compared to the minivans of yore. GM's CUV's will certainly take sales always from minivan buyers, but the main expectation is for people to step out of their oversized 'utes and jump into a new Enclave, Acadia or Outlook.

His confidence about the future of people movers is evident in his writing, but then again, we wouldn't expect anything less from the man.

[Source: GM FastLane Blog]

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