Hotpod stove air cooled. Just like its origins.

At age 17, Daniel Harding tried living on the beach in Cornwall, England in his VW Bus. As you might imagine, Cornwall ain't Florida. As you might also imagine, at age 18 and living in a VW Bus, Harding had little money. So he made his first stove out of whatever materials he found lying around.
Now, several years later, you can buy Harding's perfected Hotpod stove made of recycled VW parts among other things. It's a very attractive contraption that appeals to the both the tree-hugging reduce/reuse/recycle crowd as well as the oil-smeared gearhead. Much like Dan's microbus.

Get your Hotpod stove today for only £2,250 ($4,412). As you might imagine, Dan don't live in no van no more.

[Source: Foursprung]

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