Friday Photochop Fun: Mercury saved by Mondeo

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This nicely done Photochop of a Mercury-badged Ford Mondeo was sent in to us by Autoblog reader Galvin, which is funny because it's the second Photochop of a Mercury-badged Ford Mondeo we've received from readers this week. The quality of Galvin's pixel painting got us thinking about amending our comments in the past about what Ford should do with Mercury, which you can read here. Seeing this makes you wonder whether such a vehicle could actually do anything to not just stop Mercury's slide, but bring back the brand we'd all like to succeed but just don't expect to. It's a nice thought, and frankly we'd entertain a lot of crazy notions that would result in Ford's new Mondeo being sold in the U.S., but then reality kicks in and we remember the Mercury Milan, which shares its platform and a lot of other stuff with the Ford Fusion and Lincoln Zephyr. The Mondeo would likely never become a rebadged Mercury because the Fusion triplets are actually selling well as a whole. Also, such a vehicle would likely cannibalize sales from the Fusion and MKZ were all three to be sold in the same market.

Nevertheless, something has to be done about Mercury and its overreliance on poorly-rebadged Ford products. With General Motors officially announcing the Saturn Astra yesterday and completing that brand's transformation into an almost all-Opel lineup, we wonder whether or not the same thing couldn't be done with Mercury, at least in the case of the Mondeo. Bringing over your best cars from Europe to save that slipping brand in the homeland seems to be working for GM, perhaps Ford should follow suit.

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