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Great Wall not good enough for highway builder

Apparently some people feel that "Great" isn't good enough. Just days after a new law went into effect aiming to protect the Great Wall of China, a Chinese company wanting to build a highway through the Great Wall was fined for damaging it. The company, Hongji Landbridge Investment Development Inc., had to pay the maximum penalty of 500,000 yuan ($63,800) for dinking a section of the Wall in Inner Mongolia, according to the official news agency, Xinhua.
Even though they were warned that the project might damage the wall, they went ahead with their unapproved plan to dig tunnels and build overpasses. They went so far as to demolish not only large sections of the Great Wall, but three protected ancient villages as well, according to Wang Dafang, an official with the regional cultural heritage bureau. We're sure they were planning to put up a few rest stops, however, to replace the villages they erased from existence.

[Source: Reuters]

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