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Ford debuting new Focus in Detroit

Unfortunately, it's not the C1-based Focus we're all waiting for (though it appears we're closer than ever to that car's arrival on our shores). Still, the current Ford Focus has received only one nip/tuck refreshening since it debuted in North America way back in 2000, so the car unveiled in early January at the Detroit Show will be model's most signficant update yet. Here's what we know for sure: three-bar grille, no wagon, new coupe.
The brand's electric razor-like three-bar grille will grafted onto the face of the 2008 Focus (see spy shot here). It will really be the first not all-new vehicle to sport the chrome grille, which may take consumers a bit of time to get used to. The Focus Wagon has reportedly been dropped from the model's lineup, but in its place will be a new coupe not unlike, although hopefully more competent, the old Escort ZX2. It's still a shame Ford doesn't have an all-new C1-based Focus ready to show the North American public at this point, but that money probably went to pay for the innovative stowable bed extender on the new Super Duty. (Ford: we kid because we want it so bad!)

[Source: SmartMoney via LLN]

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