Evil robot Mustang from Transformers to punish and enslave the Camaro

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One reason we're so geeked about the upcoming live action Transformers movie that's scheduled to open on July 4th, 2007, is that we will see the familiar battle of Ford vs. Chevy in a most unfamiliar way. Watching the two brands battle it out in the marketplace is a bore. In the Transformers movie, however, we'll hopefully see a giant mechanized Camaro robot square off against a giant mechanized Mustang. Now that's a true comparison test.

We know the Camaro will be played by Bumblebee, the affable ex-Volkswagen Bug that counts himself among the Transformer's do-goody fold. The Mustang, however, will be played by Barricade, an evil Decepticon (gee, wonder who paid more for product placement) with the message "To punish and enslave" tattoed on his fender/shoulder. We've seen images of Bumblebee plenty of times, but the affable little guy will likely cower behind the prodigious calf muscles of Optimus Primes when he gets a good look at Barricade, the baddest (and only) muscle car/evil robot the world has ever known. A sketch of Barricade was released on the internet today that gives us our first glimpse of the menacing Mustang in ass-kicking robot mode. Let's just say the first batch of Camaro vs. Mustang head-to-head comparos in the buff books a couple years from now won't be quite as impressive after seeing this movie.

[Source: TFW2005 via Jalopnik]

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