Screw you: Screw-propulsion vehicle coveted by Autoblog

Oh, the puns for this are absolutely endless! If you're late:"Let's put the screws to it and make up some time." If you're early: "Looks like we have a few minutes to screw around in the parking lot." Like we said -- endless source of amusement. When people get tired of your jokes and tell you to go screw off, this is definitely the vehicle you want to take. Starting life as a Bombardier snow groomer, the likes of which us downhill skiiers have to sometimes dodge, a team of British nutcases thrill seekers really tricked the machine out for it's treacherous journey. They added a screw propulsion system to help drive on snow without getting high-centered, as well as adding propulsion when floating on water. The journey of Snowbird 6, as the ultimate all-terrain vehicle is known, is chronicled at Seems like an awful lot of effort to go roughly 56 miles, but it's cool as hell, just like the moon landing.

[Source: via PatentPendingBlog]

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