Good thing we've got the great cornfields of Alaska

Well, this could be just peachy. The Lede blog at the New York Times wrote yesterday that, thanks to global warming, America's breadbasket will soon be located in temperate Canada. Of course, the most important issue is how the coming climate change will affect crops grown for food across the world, but from a green car perspective, there are two obvious questions. One, how can we prevent this from happening. And, two, if we can't stop it, how does this shift affect all the crops we want to grow for biofuels? If you can't grow wheat in Kansas (which just might be the case in 2050), then how certain are we that we can still grow corn there then? Think ADM is worried about this?

As for question number one, well, this whole site - and lots of others - tries to help answer that question every day. We'll let you know when we're got an answer.

The map accompanying this post comes from Cimmyt, the International Maize and Wheat Improvement Center which is a nonprofit network of global organizations that work on food security and agricultural issues. Last month, Cimmyt co-hosted an international technical workshop on " Bio-ethanol, maize and wheat: opportunities and risks" in India.

[Source: NY Times The Lede blog]

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