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UK insurer discounts hybrid drivers, goes carbon neutral

Investing in projects that encourage solar lighting in rural India, wind farming in India and New Zealand, and methane capture in Germany, the UK insurance agency Royal & SunAlliance (R&SA) and its direct operation MORE TH>N have gone carbon neutral. RS&A is the first UK insurer to do so, and the company didn't just buy its way out with carbon credits. Since 2000, RS&A has reduced its UK carbon footprint by more than 50 percent (31,000 tons today vs. 63,000 tons in 2000-2001). These CO2 emissions reductions came from using 'green' electricity in almost all of its offices and finding more ways to implement energy savings with the help of Carbon Trust. Customers who apply green habits to their own lives can also benefit from RS&A's green fetish; motorists who drive hybrid cars can get a discount from MORE TH>N.
RS&A has set even lower CO2 emissions as their goal for 2007 by reducing travel emissions by 10 percent, electricity use by 5 percent, waste by 10 percent, water use by 10 percent and air travel by 20 percent.

[Source: Royal & SunAlliance]

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