Super seeing speculation! Porsche developing night vision system?

The Deutsch-obsessed purveyors of the German Car Scene got a tip that Porsche is in the process of developing a night vision system, ala the Merc S-class, that will likely debut when the 997 undergoes a facelift sometime in 2007.

The picture above is what fueled the speculation, with what's assumed to be a set of infrared projector beams mounted within the headlamp. Said beams would exchange information with a camera mounted on the windshield, then project the enhanced image onto a screen.

We're less than convinced that this is the case, not just because a digital dash would have to be adopted by the guys and gals of Stuttgart, but because it seems contrary to the Porsche edict of over-engineered, gimmickless motoring.

Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: German Car Scene]

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