RR of the Day - Supercharged Volvo 1800E

Volvo 1800s are widely acknowledged as nice tourers, but not really sports cars in the peformance sense. Oh, they went okay, especially the later E models with fuel injection, it's just that they looked so much faster than they really were. They were built like brick outhouses, though. Tough little cars with a pretty shape. Flickr member autox1800 has forged his own path looking for a zippier 1800E.

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The 1800 was a competent car, being based on the beloved Amazon model which managed to rack up plenty of racing victories. As shipped from the factory, though, the cars were a bit underpowered to really take the world by storm. While there are plenty of ways to extract power from the 1.8 or 2.0 liter powerplants, supercharging seems to be the road less travelled. Most likely, that's due to the ready availability of turbocharged 2, 7, and 9 series Volvos, with engines based off a similar block. It's still a lot of work to swap the later turbo motors into the 1800, but it seems like the more obvious solution. Our friend autox1800 has taken a different path using an Autorotor supercharger on his B20. The 9psi of boost pumps through a water to air intercooler and into a stock bottom end via a mildly massaged cylinder head. E standing for Einspritz, or Fuel Injection, and autox1800 has gone through the trouble of fitting a Megasquirt standalone engine management system in place of the original (and sometimes exasperating) Bosch D-Jetronic. In fact, autox1800 is quite plugged in to the vintage Volvo performance community and has done a lot of awfully nice work to his car, even a bare-metal repaint after much rust abatement.

The extra oomph from the supercharger made the stock M41 transmission less than ideal, so in went a Ford T5. The T5's a great transmission, and since it's used to backing up a 300lb/ft of torque V8, it should be quite happy behind a snorty supercharged Volvo red block. Not content to just methodically modify and improve the drivetrain, the suspension was also paid some attention and improved with lowering springs, Bilstein shocks, an Addco swaybar up front and it's now shod with 16" rims from an 850 series. Overall it adds up to a 35 year old car that can tussle with Miatas at the track and make your grin porportionally wider the further you press the go pedal. Or is that your face distorting from the g-forces?

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