Motorsport Engineering Conference checks out the greener side of racing

Over in Dearborn, Michigan today, the Motorsport Engineering Conference got started. It continues through Thursday. This conference, by the US Society of Automotive Engineers, includes panel discussions on "Motorsports in the Fifties: Tragedy and Response" and "Wind Tunnel Capabilities and Research." All very well and good for those engineers. For those of use interested in green news, there's plenty of interesting panels and papers to come. How about "Partnering in Alternate Fuels" and the "Green Racing Panel"? The transmission company Xtrac will be part of a debate on green motorsport issues when vice-president Andrew Heard discusses diesel, hybrids, hydrogen, LPG and renewable biofuels such as ethanol and methanol with other motorsport experts. Getting racing cars to be more environmentally friendly is a great way to make green cars look cooler (Example A: the Audi R10 TDI. Example B: The JCB Dieselmax)

If you're into greener motorsports, AutoblogGreen has covered some general racing news in the past few months, with a lot of posts about the Indy Racing League's move to ethanol.

There will also be three green-related technical papers presented at the conference:
  • Development of a Hydrogen Fuelled Land Speed Record Engine by Elliot Scheve of Wheel To Wheel Powertrain
  • Energy Efficient Motorsport – A New Alternative Fuel Equivalence Strategy by Roland Ermers of Ricardo UK
  • Design of the World's Fastest E1 Class Electric Car by Jeffrey Baxter of Brigham Young University.
[Source: Xtrac, US SAE]

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