AutoblogGreen covers the EDTA

Our environmentally conscious sibling site just wrapped up their comprehensive coverage of the Electric Drive Transportation Association conference (EDTA), and, per usual, their depth and breadth of reporting astounds us.

So what is the EDTA conference and why do you care? Well, the conference's focus is set on electric drive trains, with some of the biggest players from Toyota, Honda, GM, and the U.S. government weighing in on the future of alternatively powered passenger vehicles.

Some of the topics covered include battery technology, plug-in capabilities, interviews with industry leaders and, one article that immediately grabbed our attention, "Screw the Prius. Combat hybrids are 'not your mother's hybrid'."

Links to all of AutoblogGreen's articles on the conference can be found here and are well worth a few moments out of your Tuesday. Enjoy!

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