Pedal powered recreational vehicle

If you've ever done a trip in a motor-home, you know how thirsty they are, and these days that can make for a really expensive journey. A gentleman from Portland, Oregon has built a pedal powered RV. Brian claims to have ridden his RV all over America and Mexico. It's not quite as luxurious as some of the massive machines you find in the paddock of Formula 1 races, but it doesn't consume any fossil fuels and the only CO2 emissions come from the pedaler. You can find out more and see more photos by clicking Read.

Over at TreeHugger they have a follow-up on a larger, more spacious two person motor-home. This one is based on the two seat recumbent Kyoto Cruiser Trike and also has electric assist. So far this one appears to be just a rolling chassis, and some drawings. However, it could be a cool way to take a road trip if they incorporate some regenerative braking in to help power the motor.

[Source: via TreeHugger]

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