Paul Murphy's latest blog questions people who question Hummers by asking about their computer firepower. He thinks those who are critical of using Hummers to fetch groceries may have high-horsepower computers to overcompensate for their small appendages.

"Basically, I wonder how many of the people who don't approve of the 300HP engine in a Volvo S60/R routinely power up a 70 million line OS so they can vent their environmental concerns using the most convoluted, inefficient, and generally power hungry tools available anywhere?" says Murphy.

Now I don't know how many more kilowatt/hours my 2-month-old Mac uses compared to the wonderful Sanyo MBC-555 computer I had in the early '80s. But I don't think I'm stinking up the environment any more. To be sure, however, Mr. Murphy is passionate about his position.

[Source: ZDNet]

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