Hello Europe: 10th generation Corolla debuts in Helsinki

We may all knock the domestic manufacturers for keeping moribund platforms around for too long (witness our carping about the US Focus), but let's not forget the elderly Corolla. Toyota has finally taken the old Corolla around back to be shot. At least the European Corolla, that is. Debuting in Europe at the Helsinki Motor Show (its worldwide debut came a few weeks back at the Beijing Motor Show), the 10th generation Corolla for Europe cops its wardrobe from big-brother Camry sold in the States. Toyota looks to be following industry fashion with a lot less glass area (check the height of the rear doors – what is that, earlobe-level?) The purveying thought is that riding around in something akin to a bucket makes people feel more secure. We're not sure how security goes hand in hand with an inability to see out, but whatev.

Looking like the Toyota of today, the Corolla gets the new corporate face, which sorta resembles Joe Camel. The schnoz isn't as downright fugly as the Yaris, though, and the back end is nicely squared off, which should equate to a useful trunk. Inside, there's been a huge leap forward. The materials are much higher quality, the color palette mixes contrasting shades along with silver and black plastic. There's an LCD in the center of the dash that looks to incorporate radio and nav functions. Even if you don't like the outside, the interior looks like a nice place to spend time, that is, if you can get past the fact that the belt line comes up to your shoulders. After seeing what the rest of the world will get, we look forward to seeing our own Corolla (good as it may be) trotting off into the sunset.

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Thanks to tipster Gary!

[Source: Carphotosite]


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