Electrum Spyder to be demoed at Santa Monica Alt Car Expo this weekend

If you're in Santa Monica, California this weekend, check out the AltCar Expo at the Santa Monica Air Center. if you're not, don't worry, as AutoblogGreen will be providing coverage from the show. Universal Electric Vehicle will be holding the world premier of their new Electrum Spyder during the show on Friday December 9. It looks like UEV is aiming this car at people who weren't able to snap up one of the first batch of Tesla Roadsters. This one is a battery powered roadster that in standard form will cost $70,000. The default configuration is equipped with nickel zinc batteries although lithium ion batteries are optional when they are available. The car also has an on-board charger that works with any standard 110V or 220V outlet.

While the Tesla is based on the chassis of the Lotus Elise, the Spyder appears to a ground up design. Top speed is regulated to 80 mph and UEV claims a range of 70-150 miles on the nickel zinc batteries. With the lithium batteries they are claiming a range of up to 300 miles. Acceleration is estimated at 7 seconds for the 0-60mph run. While the Tesla has an aluminum chassis, this one has a steel chassis and fiberglass body. The UEV website also has a video of the Spyder in action.

[Source: Universal Electric Vehicle with a tip from Fabrizio]

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