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VW says nein to boring design

While Volkswagen's Tiguan is more radical-looking than most small SUVs out there, the rest of VW's lineup might best be described as German. Not necessarily ugly, mind you, just not envelope-puching, cutting edge stuff.
But that could change in the coming years, says VW product head Dr. Wolfgang Bernhard. In an interview with UK media at the L.A. show, Doc Bernhard said the Scirocco and Tiguan are good indicators of how future VeeDubs might look.

'We have to shape our own destiny rather than trying to fit in with everyone else,' he said. 'The fun-to-drive part of our cars has to be on the surface.'

Bernhard went on to promise the Brits a Passat-based competitor for Mercedes' CLS, a more luxurious Touareg and a "bolder" replacement for the current Beetle.

First, how will the CLS competitor be different from the not 100% unsuccessful Phaeton (remember, it lives on in Europe)? Second, aren't Porsche and Audi both already marketing more luxurious Touaregs? And, third, we're looking forward to how the Beetle redesign is handled. It will be one of the first automotive retro makeovers and promises to pose a challenge for VW.

VW probably won't go so far as the design study shown here, which, by the way, is a fantastical creation by Hussein Al-Attar at Husseindesign. Click on the rendering for a high-res, desktop-worthy sized version.

[Source: What Car]

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