POLL: LA Auto Show - Best of Show: Concept

The flight back from SoCal gave us a few solitary moments to rock out to our iPods and reflect on the concepts that made their world debut in LA. Some of the premiers got us all tingly inside and others had us reaching for the airsickness bags, so we'll leave it to you to vote on your favorite concept of the show.

The choices are posted after the jump, along with a larger shot of each concept that links to the original post for more info. Take a look and then vote below (we found a new poll hosting website that allows pics to be embedded within the poll, tell us what you think of it in the comments.)

Giugiaro Mustang

Mazda Nagare

Hyundai HDC10 Hellion

Acura Advanced Sedan

Volkswagen Tiguan

Suzuki SXBox Concept

Honda Step Bus

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