About 15 years ago I documented every step of a frame-off restoration I did on an old truck with a film camera. I wish I would have had a camcorder and iMovie back then because this is the type of video I would have produced. A great soundtrack, positive views of the work and a rewarding conclusion make this the most enjoyable automotive video I've seen on YouTube to date. Unfortunately I don't read Spanish, so I can't tell you more about this clever 3-wheeler electric vehicle called the 3C that is being developed in Chile. There is an in-depth pdf download from the team's website that leads me to believe they're looking for funding to continue this project as a production vehicle. Shots of the vehicle upside down are apparently included to demonstrate its safety. This video follows work on the second version. I have no idea how the vehicle performs but the workmanship and enthusiasm are first class. I hope to find out more about this team. Be sure to visit the website for more photos and videos.

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