REPORT: Blue Devil prototype faked by Winding Road

Last month we posted on a recent sighting of the infamous "Blue Devil" supercharged uber-vette that had been shot numerous times while undergoing testing.
We wrote at the time, "This latest shot comes courtesy of The Car Connection via a student near Milford, Mich. by the name of Yonni G. Mr. G. happened to have his Dad's camera in tow when this newest prototype blew by him at speed and judging by the quality of the shots, we hope he got a sizeable check from the folks at TCC."

Well, last night we got word that those stellar shots were part of an elaborate prank of sorts, put on by the folks over at Winding Road to see if the images would make their way onto the pages of their competition and other automotive resources. They succeeded, getting the faux-pics ran in Autoweek, Motor Trend and a variety of internet sites and blogs, including this one.

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All of the media outlets who published the photos feel a bit foolish right now, though some will likely take it more serious than others. We don't know if any publication paid for the photos, in which case there might be some question surrounding the liability of someone selling fake photos. We know for a fact, however, that Winding Road only took pictures of the vehicle for its own article and never distributed photos of the vehicle to other outlets. The photos published in various magazines and on the internet were taken by people out in public and submitted to those outlets without any involvement from Winding Road. On account of this, we doubt WR will find itself in any legal trouble over this, since it's not against the law to tape up a Corvette and drive it around.

The entire buildup is chronicled in the January issue of Winding Road, which is available at their website. In order to view the latest issue you have to subscribe, which is free, however, some have voiced their disgust and don't want to give WR any more publicity than it's already garnered. Keith from, for instance, writes on his blog, "You've just proved that you are not worthy of the link on my blog and I hope others will take anything that comes from Winding Road in the future with a grain of salt."

We're in the process of rounding up comments from some of the other players now, including those of spy photographers in the business and the staff of Winding Road itself. Watch this space for more information as it develops.

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