Pierre Scerri began building his dream car in 1978. Fifteen years and 20,000 hours later, he finally had his dream: a Ferrari 312PB he could put in his dining room. Not just any 312PB, but a 1:3 scale, fully functional 312PB. Fully functional as in it has a 100cc 12-cylinder engine that starts and runs with a working gearbox connected to a wooden knob-topped shifter in the trademark Ferrari gate. Even the tiny gauges accurately report engine information.

Scerri took three years just to make the drawings for the car and then made every single piece himself. That includes the Firestone tires and every engine part down to the valve springs. Scerri even taught himself to make glass so he could recreate the exact pattern in the headlights' glass.

When the model master starts the tiny Italian's hand-built engine, it even produces that well-known Ferrari "music." All that's needed now, as a YouTube commenter says, is a "1:3 scale Stig."

The video is from a 1998 episode of "Jeremy Clarkson's Extreme Machines." Scerri has since begun construction on another 312PB, a 330P4 and a 250 GTO.

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[Source: Make Magazine]

All photos are from Pierre Scerri's website where there are many more photos. The pictures are from various projects he's worked on.

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