Spy Shots: 2008 Ford Focus

Okay, this is just plain defiant. Our friends over at Winding Road managed to snag the 2008 Focus out on a prowl. Don't go getting too excited, it's not platform-deep. Rather than walk their talk, Ford's decided to deny us the lauded C1-based Focus, choosing instead to update the near ten-year old US Focus. The coupe shows obvious signs of a deeper restyle than the last freshening, where they just kinda melted the edges of the front lamps a bit and revised the trunklid and taillight clusters. Underneath that camo is a 3-bar grille, bringing the Focus in line with the new family traits. Out back it looks like the poop deck is high, even discounting the fact that it's been built up under the camo on the test mule, and it appears the new taillamps wrap into the rear quarters with a more rakish angle.
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[Source: Winding Road]

The interior furnishings look redone, and were heavily obscured by camo. From the details that are discernible, it looks like the dash is all-new, with more chrome trim here and there and a new instrument cluster. The center console appears to have been given the faux metal makeover, and we wonder if that extends to the well-covered center stack. This restyling will most likely bring NVH, body rigidity and chassis tuning improvements with it (well, it better). As good as those may be, and as good as this car was in SVT trim, this Focus platform is due for the glue factory. Not only that, over at the Mazda or Volvo stores you can get a C1 car, virtually negating any pro-Focus argument other than deep discounts, rebates, and fleet sales...lots of fleet sales. The Focus isn't inherently bad, it's just that everything else has gotten lots better.

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