Magic Super Toys "The Blue Car": Look but don't touch

Spotted at our sister site, Luxist, his is one of those obscenely expensive, supremely useless trinkets that adorn the shelves of executives in their old-world offices that look like something out of The Hudsucker Proxy. We want one.

The Blue Car, made by Magic Super Toys (sir, what is in a name?) is certainly intended for grown-ups. Anything that comes with a set of gloves so you don't leave greasy pawprints on the " Azure blue and pale blue 4-layer-lacquering with high mirror-finished sheet" is aimed at the same crowd who own those 100-point original musclecars but never drive them. The flowery prose and arty photography they're using to sell this thing for the swoon-inducing price of €1900 makes us want to get down and take 'er for a spin on the berber and hardwood. The model is very pretty, based off the striking lines of the classic Talbot-Lago, and the level of detail is high. While it would be cool to have one of these individually-numbered 12-pound collectibles sitting on its own shelf in the living room lit by its own baby spot like the piece of art it is, you can get a whole car for that kind of money. You know, one you could actually drive. Still, there's no denying the appeal of an old-world crafted exclusive piece of Automobilia. Santa?

[Source: MST via Luxist]

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