LA Auto Show: Green protesters return armed with bikinis and board shorts

The same group of protestors who took the stage with Rick Wagoner yesterday have returned on the second day of the 2006 LA Auto Show. This time, instead of confronting the head honchos of the Big 6 automakers directly, they've set up shop outside and staged a "Greenwash Car Wash". The protestors from Global Exchage, Rainforest Action Network, Ruckus Society and Code Pink are clad in bikinis and board shorts while washing down a HUMMER H2 in green sudsy water. There's also a green MC on hand interviewing people in the crowd, which numbered in the single digits while we were outside observing the event. We're sure they'd like us to report all their facts and figures about how the Big 6 automakers are contributing to global warming and should be doing something about it, but you've heard it all before. Truth be told, this is actually the greenest auto show we can remember. New hybrid models are everywhere, a plug-in hybrid was finally announced, and alt-fuel vehicles line the curb outside for jounalists to test. Well, now we can add a sopping wet HUMMER H2 to the list of green cars at the LA Auto Show.

You can find more pics of the protest after the jump.

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