Ford Bold Moves - Episode 24: Ford hearts alt fuels

Bam, just when you think you're safe, another episode of the Ford Bold Moves documentary hits the web waves. Episode 24, titled Driving the Future, is all about Ford's focus on alternative fuels, including clean diesel technology and hydrogen fuel cells, among others. The documentary begins at the AltWheels Festival where some manufacturers actually showed up to show off their green stripes. Ford had its hydrogen fuel-cell powered Focus on hand, along with its hydrogen-powered bus (on sale now), its gaggle of hybrid Escapes and Mariners, and some E85 capable vehicles. Episode 24 is a chest thumper in which the Blue Oval pats itself on the back for all the investment dollars it's spent on green R&D. The producers also got a couple alternative fuel boosters to testify on the company's behalf.

[Source: Ford Bold Moves]

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