Opinion seems to be split concerning the design of the Chrysler Sebring Covnertible, images of which we posted a couple nights ago. Those of you who have commented on the Sebring's chopped top either love it or hate it. That's an actual improvement over its four-door sedan counterpart, which so far has been almost universally panned on the web for its design.

Convertibles are generally more stylish than sedans, and the Sebring Convertible is no different. We'll admit our icy reaction to the sedan has thawed a bit thanks to the better looking drop top. Chrysler has posted this video on YouTube that allows us to see the three-piece hard top opening and closing, the actual depth of the trunk, and a walkaround of the car and it's interior that better shows off the vehicle's proportions.

[Source: YouTube via DaimlerChrysler}

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