The Internal Revenue Service has confirmed that customers who buy a 2007 Honda vehicle with either a hybrid drive-train or compressed natural gas fuel system can apply for federal tax credits. The possible credits are $1,300 on the Accord Hybrid, $2,100 on the Civic hybrid and up to $4,000 on the Civic GX (natural gas powered). People who buy the Civic GX can also get an extra $1,000 back if they also buy the "Phill" system. Phill is a home refueling station for natural gas vehicles. It hooks into a home gas line and allows people to fill their car at home for much lower prices than they pay for gasoline at the pump. The hybrid cars are available from all Honda dealers nationwide, but availability of the Civic GX is more limited. Fleet operators can get the GX anywhere, but retail customers can only buy them in California and New York right now. The same dealers who sell the Civic GX also sell the Phill system.

[Source: Honda Motor Co.]

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