Another Ferrari FXX on eBay

When Ferrari sold 29 FXXs last year, only very special fans of the prancing horse were invited to buy. After writing $1.8 million checks, each of those FXX owners were treated like Ferrari factory test drivers, their cars shuttled to European tracks by the manufacturer, maintained by Ferrari mechanics and, if desired, stored at the Maranello test track.

Because of all the exclusivity connected with FXX ownership, purchasers also had to sign contracts requiring Ferrari permission for any FXX to ever be sold.

That's why it's rather surprising to see another one show up on eBay. Possibly even more surprising is the odometer reading of only 10 kilometers (6.2 miles). Who buys an FXX and never takes advantage of track time in Maranello? The eBay listing is by MDM Eurotics, but doesn't reveal the car's VIN or owner, so we may never know.

Bidding began at the bargain basement price of $750,000, and as of very early this morning, the price on the pristine supercar had reached $2.7 million. There's one clue to the owner's identity. The seller of this FXX may not be a car lover, but is definitely a shrewd investor.

How about one more FXX surprise? MDM Eurotics has not one but two FXXs for sale. The second also with only 10 km but is listed at €2.54 million ($3.34 million). Wow. Two FXXs in the same office. Hey, Boss? When are we getting ours?

More photos after the jump. Thanks to WenChun for the tip!


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