Long before anyone would have thought we'd be debating the merits of US vs. Chinese-market Buicks, the division wasn't averse to producing exciting cars, as evidenced by some of the great designs they had dating back to the 50s, the muscle they put on the streets in the 70s, and the badassedness of the Grand National and GNX in the 80s. If you want to make a case for the blown Regal GS of the 90s, be our guest, but we think you get the point we're driving at.

History gave us plenty of nice Buicks, and the all-black Grand Nationals of the mid-80s make us feel all warm and fuzzy. Call us crazy, but those cars still look plenty stylish today despite their decidedly 80s looks. The TV spot you see above is for either the '84 or '85 car, both of which had 200 horsepower. (In ' 86 it jumped to 235, and in '87 it was 245. The supreme '87 GNX dished 276.) The General even got George Thorogood to tailor his "Bad to the Bone" lyrics to fit the Grand National ("200 horsepower, No time for chrome.")

At the end of the spot, George asks, "Wouldn't you really rather have a Buick?"

Well yeah, George, if they ever got back around to making something this exciting.

[Source: YouTube]

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