The video above is from the 2002 British GT Championship race at Oulton Park, and it shows the unbelievable havoc caused when the skies open up while race cars are going full-tilt on the circuit. Two impacts are particularly harrowing. The #8 Saleen S7R, having spun already, sits helplessly as its teammate #9 car plows into after falling victim to the horrendous track conditions. Both cars appear to be totaled. As track officials are trying to assist with that mess, a blue Dodge Viper loses it and comes careening directly at the officials, one of whom miraculously escapes serious injury even though it looks at first like he's taken out by the car. Moments later, we see him pop back over the fence and run away from the carnage. Eventually, the red flag comes out (a little late, perhaps?) to put a stop to things.

All the while, cars are spinning and crashing. it's truly an unbelievable video to watch, and fortunately, no one was seriously injured. For more info, check out Pistonheads' 2002 coverage of said event, and this forum thread at ten Tenths Motorsport.

Old video? Yes. but it was new to us, and we're betting it's new to many of our readers as well. So have a look.

Thanks to Drew for the tip.

[Source: YouTube]

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