British motorists rejoice! Griffin iTrip legalized in the UK

Many motorists find an iPod as essential a driving companion (for better or worse) as a cup of coffee or loose change. Unfortunately, many drivers in the UK found themselves without a viable solution for marrying auto with iPod thanks to a decades-old law that prevented the use of FM transmitters in cars. The only other options, using a cassette-tape adapter or hard-wiring a connection to the stereo's line-in, were either moot or too expensive.

TUAW, our sister-site, is reporting that Britain has decided to alter the Wireless Telegraphy Act of 1949 that originally banned these FM transmitters because their use constituted operating radio equipment without a license. A new amendment has been passed that will go into effect on December 8th and allow the use of FM transimitters like the Griffin iTrip, arguably the most popular one of its kind. The new approach was hastened by a British consumer market demanding use of their iPods while driving. While not all FM transmitters will be approved for use in the UK, those that pass the muster will carry a CE mark indicating they're A-OK for sale. We hear Britain, however, is a pretty densely populated place, which means that spare stations on which these transmitters can operate might be hard to come by anyway. Bollocks.

[Source: TUAW]

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