Japanese electric vehicles gather at EVS22 in Yokohama, Japan

The 22nd annual Electric Vehicle Symposium was held in Yokohama, Japan in mid-October, EVWorld has a gallery of some the vehicles that were on display there along with some commentary. Evidently this year's conference had smaller number of displays and debuts than the previous event in Monaco. The writer felt there wasn't much "buzz" at the show and if manufacturers really want people to buy EVs they need to get people more excited about the vehicles. That probably means that they have to offer good-looking, well-equipped, functional vehicles that don't require major compromises. People also need to be educated on the limitations of EVs and how to adjust their behavior to get the most out of them. Finally, in a road environment still heavily populated by big, heavy SUVs, EVs that can survive and protect occupants need to be available and affordable, so that means golf-kart like vehicles are not going to be viable in the market. Click Read to see the full gallery.


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