A couple years ago, Rob Allan, AMG product manager for North America, spoke at the Motor Press Guild luncheon in Los Angeles. When asked about a diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz with an AMG badge on the decklid, he talked about the "moderate success" of the 3-liter C30 CDI AMG (shown) that had been introduced a year earlier in Europe. But at a customer event there was only one diesel vehicle, and it was constantly lapped on the race track by other AMG products. Allan said he is still a "huge fan" of diesel but getting performance out of such a vehicle is tricky. Now Thomas Rappel, CEO at AMG, confirms that the performance division of Mercedes-Benz is not interested in diesel despite the recent Audi success on the race track. He suggested all-wheel-drive might be considered but that "not many consumers are interested in a diesel-powered AMG car." I'm looking forward when the upcoming 6.7-liter Cummins in a Dodge 3/4-ton Ram with a host of Banks, Bully Dog or Edge upgrades smokes (and I don't mean literally) an C55 AMG, then maybe AMG will start looking at diesel again.

[Source: Auto123.com]

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