Instant revenge on the parking incapable

You take every precaution to protect your precious vehicle from the people that just don't understand. Still, despite your best efforts, some deranged idiot parks so close that you can't even see daylight between your door and his. The sense of rage builds until you feel that damage and desecration may not only be necessary, but justified. Next time, just reach in to your glove box (if you can get to it!) and extract some revenge without the pesky, time consuming insurance claims and jail time often associated with the destruction of personal property.

Just head over to and place an order for a pad of their hilarious parking "notes".

The messages range from...

"This is just a note to say thank you for parking so close to my car. Next time, please leave a tin can opener so I can get my car out. Do society a favor and take the bus next time!"

Or... "Well done! It must of taken years of practice to be that bad. Maybe if you let your guide dog park next time, you might only take up one space, or at least get it straight."

Don't let the parking illiterate cause you undue stress. Just leave them a "note" to let them know just how much you appreciate their efforts.

[Source: PR Newswire]

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