Heads up! Friday at 4:30PM when accidents most likely to occur

By Friday afternoon at 4:30, we're all a little weary from a week of work and the everyday stresses of life. We hop in the car to drive home with a reduced attention span and minds wandering. The damp weather, gray skies darkening towards the early sunset, and the onslaught of the holiday season certainly don't add any enthusiasm to the overall driving experience, dulling normally well-honed driving responses to a level that would make Anna-Nicole Smith appear sharp. Sound like a prime scenario for an accident?

In fact, it is. The chance of having an accident between 4-5PM on Friday is 35% greater than 8-9AM and 50% greater than 9-10AM on the same day. According to a statement issued by Continental Tire, November is the worst month of the year for traffic accidents, accounting for nearly 10% more than October, which ranks next on the list. They also remind drivers to be conscious of tire pressures and cold tires during the winter season. Cold weather often causes lower tire pressures and a cold tire can have substantially less road adhesion, causing longer braking distances and diminished handling characteristics.

[Source: Continental Tires via Automotoportal]

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