Gallery: VIP Auto Fashion Show babes

Maybe more so than at any other show besides SEMA, the girls are just as important as the cars at the Hot Import Nights shows. And when you're talking about the VIP version of HIN, the quality should be kicked up a notch, and we weren't disappointed. The lovely ladies of L.A. included professional models, car chicks, race drivers, employees who just felt like strutting their stuff while discussing their products, even a few Playboy bunnies. Not all of them were locals, some we talked to were from the East Coast, New Mexico, Texas, Nevada, and Washington. The individual vendor booths had some of their own crew while the event itself had its fashion show models and the Miss HIN regional contestants competing for the Queen of the Scene title, plus there were plenty of dolled up girlfriends and wives draping themselves across their SO's vehicles. It was quite a gathering. As with the vehicles we showed you a few days ago, variety is the spice of life and beauty is truly in the eye of the beholder, so rather than subject these gals to your personal taste expressions, we are leaving comments off for this gallery. Enjoy the pics. And btw, that's Supra drag racer Anna, aka Bikini Racer above.


Evil Creations Inc. Gals


Ashley and Lauryn

Melyssa Grace

Lisa Angeline

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