Revamped Barralcool, Brazil's first ethanol-biodiesel plant, opens in Sao Paolo

Brazilian president Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva helped open his country's first ethanol and biodiesel plant Wednesday. The plant will make both biofuels from oilseeds and represents Brazil's shift into biofuels other than ethanol, which has dominated the country's fuel economy for decades. The Barralcool plant has been making ethanol for over twenty years and was recently integrated with biodiesel production machinery.
There are 360 ethanol plants operating or being built in Brazil and E85 and E100 is easy to find throughout the country. Getting biodiesel is more difficult, but that will change a bit when the country's B2 mandates kicks in by 2008 (B5 by 2013). There are 10 biodiesel plants in Brazil, with 40 more on the way.

[Source: New Zealand Herald]

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