Book detailing the history of the world's fastest diesel already available

That was fast. I guess I shouldn't be surprised.

A 144-page, £17.99 book detailing the years of planning and work that led to the record-breaking land speed record set by the JCB Dieselmax in late August is being published today. Like the car itself, the book was in the works for years, and then sped out of the gate once the record was set. Tremayne was "embedded" (their word) with the JCB Dieselmax team and said the organization was "the slickest and most enjoyable" of all of his projects.

"The World's Fastest Diesel: The inside story of the JCB Dieselmax land speed record success" by David Tremayne is out today, and covers "the whole remarkable story – from the Chairman's boyhood dream, to the 350.092mph record-breaking runs," according to Eventageous PR. Regular readers of this site will remember the news at the time, and how the Dieselmax was designed using computer simulations instead of expensive wind tunnels.

The book will soon be available from Amazon UK and other retailers.

[Source: Eventageous PR]

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