Even though Honda is dropping the ultracapacitor used in the current version of the FCX fuel cell car in the new FCX prototype, ultracapacitors have and will continue to play an important role in hybrid and hydrogen fuel cell vehicle technology. That's why it's cool news to see that Maxwell Technologies introduced a new 125-volt Boostcap ultracapacitor module last week (called the HTM BMOD0063-P125, not pictured), intended for use in heavy hybrid and electric vehicles.
Able to deliver power and recharge very quickly, ultracapacitors have technically been around since the 1745 and they are ideal for modern use in vehicles that use regenerative braking. Dr. Richard Balanson, Maxwell's president and chief executive officer, said the new Boostcap was "designed specifically to satisfy rapidly growing global demand for ultracapacitor-based braking energy recuperation and torque assist systems for hybrid bus and truck drive trains and electric rail vehicles."

The HTM BMOD0063-P125 is pretty small (it weighs less than 50kg and measures 315x425x744mm, according to Maxwell) and you can connect up to 12 modules in series to deliver as much as 1,500 volts. Click here for the full press release.

[Source: Maxwell Technologies, Inc.]

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