Episode 23 of the Ford Bold Moves web-based documentary is here, and at this point we're just letting you know out of habit. After the very enjoyable Episode 22 in which a GT500 was beaten on by pro drivers, we return to a slightly more promotional format that stars Ford's newest sedan, the Fusion. In this episode, however, it's all about introducing the Fusion to the ladies and hoping the two hit it off. The documentary spends some time in the field at a promotional event held where Ford believes the most females will be found: the mall! Mid-day shoppers are offered the opportunity to drive the Fusion, to which one nice woman responds, "Never heard of it." Hehehe. We poke fun, but the Fusion's doing well and it deserves its day in the sun. Hopefully some upcoming products from Ford will be able to join it.

[Source: Ford Bold Moves]

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