Behold! H&R's gold springs

Yeah, this is somewhat of a repost, but the first time around, we didn't have a product shot. Billed by H&R as "extravagant," these gold springs are available for all makes and models, as H&R has come up with a process -- this part is more interesting than the bling-fromage springs themselves -- that allows the gold plating to stay on despite the load changes the springs will bear through the course of regular driving.

An unnamed Ferrari driver in Dubai can be thanked for ordering the first set of these things, which drove H&R to offer the gold plating as an option on all its springs. The cost for the "most luxurious suspension components of all time" (ugh...) is 2,000 Euros over and above the price of the springs themselves. Alas, good taste, for some, is unavailable at any price.

(Press release after the jump)

[Source: H&R]

World Debut at the ESSEN-MOTOR-SHOW 2006

24-Carat Gold Suspension Springs

The first order came from the owner of a Ferrari 430 Spider from Dubai. H&R GOLD: In a world debut H&R presents sport springs with genuine 24-carat hard gold coating at the ESSEN-MOTOR-SHOW 2006. Now the most luxurious suspension components of all time are also available for all other car makes and models.

This debut of the especially exclusive kind combines the typical H&R attributes of sporty handling, optimized active safety and highest quality with extravagant looks.

To make the gold plating permanent despite the constant load changes on the spring the H&R engineers and technicians have developed a special plating process.

That enables H&R to offer all available H&R sport springs plated with exclusive 24-carat hard gold - regardless of whether they're intended for a subcompact car like the smart, for a sports car such as a Ferrari or Porsche or for a luxury sedan like a BMW 7-series model.

The GOLD option is available for all H&R sport springs for an additional charge of around 2,000 Euros for the set, depending on the size of the springs.

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