Police in New South Wales, Australia, are restructuring their motor pool to introduce more environmentally friendly vehicles. About 20 Toyota Prius sedans and 10 Honda Civic hybrids will be in the fleet by early next year. The move comes after a 2-year trial in which crime-scene investigators drove a Prius. Officials say the hybrids will be used for non-urgent duties. One official said his fuel bill was reduced by two-thirds while driving a Prius. Police cars with V8 or turbocharged engines will still be used in highway patrol vehicles. Said one official: "It's about getting the right car for the right role."

One last thought: Just think of how much further 'Mad' Max Rockatansky could have driven if he was behind the wheel of a Prius instead of that supercharged Ford Falcon.

[Source: Joshua Dowling / Sidney Morning Herald]

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