Playboy Pink Mustang

If there were ever a vehicle that could pull off the color pink, it would certainly be the current Ford Mustang. The unmistakable connection to the 60's lends itself well to the same successes Ford enjoyed forty years ago, as evidenced by the rejuvenated Shelby connection, GT/CS and the upcoming Boss. Unique colors were a 60's trademark as well, and the new palette covers the spectrum with hues such as White Chocolate, Crème Brule, Dark Cherry, Grabber Orange, Merlot, French Silk, Lime Gold, Orange Frost and Light Sage. Playboy Pink, first available on a Mustang in 1967, might be next.

It seems that Team Mustang engineers have been tossing the idea of Playboy Pink model around ever since the new body was penned. Given the fact that they are currently producing the hottest model in the Ford line up, they are being given a wide breadth when it comes to the implementation of new ideas.

The new Mustang certainly has enjoyed smashing success in the marketplace, and with the continued proliferation of new models, how can they pass on Playboy Pink? What a great opportunity for some co-marketing! The question is will Ford "pony" up the dollars to Hef? We don't think so, but never fear, the fanatical Mustang fan base will quickly resurrect the name and include "Playboy" in any reference to the color.

[Source: stangsunleashed]

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